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Mo Scott 

The Mellowship

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Stormcrow EP

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This EP is drawn from strong celtic roots with a call to tribe and times past. The sound is balanced between the delicate guitar work of Greg Hancock and low warmth of Lukas Drinkwater on the bass allowing Mo’s voice to soar above calling out for everyone to join in.

You Belong With Me....

Neil King FATEA

Some gems shine with shear brilliance, polished to the point of dazzling, but after a while they begin to lose their allure, bright they maybe, but there is nothing left of the spirit of the stone from which they were originally cut. By contrast The Mellowship's "You Belong With Me…" is a rough hewn quartz, still more than capable of catching the light, but unevenly faceted, changing shape and form as it rotates, presenting different views and character.

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