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Neil King FATEA

Some gems shine with shear brilliance, polished to the point of dazzling, but after a while they begin to lose their allure, bright they maybe, but there is nothing left of the spirit of the stone from which they were originally cut. By contrast The Mellowship's "You Belong With Me…" is a rough hewn quartz, still more than capable of catching the light, but unevenly faceted, changing shape and form as it rotates, presenting different views and character.


Mike Davies -

Dewdney is of a traditional persuasion, although all but one of the numbers are self-penned, her pure, clear and often yearning vocals and phrasings having earned comparisons with Judy Collins and Sandy Denny. The collection opens with the contemplative ‘shine on’ optimism of ‘Starlight’, leading to an unaccompanied introduction to ‘Marriage Bands’, a song that strikes a rather less upbeat note with its tale of a warrior spirit woman losing her independence, freedom and spirit in the chains of loveless marriage, the cycle repeating itself with her daughter in the last verse; however, buoyed up by Algar’s rustic backwoods fiddle and Drinkwater’s waltz time guitar melody, the nature imagery dressed ‘Kiss All The Stars’ has a rosier view of love’s binding power.

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